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    We’ve changed our identity, when that happens it typically warrants a new name. It’s my pleasure to formally introduce you to SlothFit! This is the most sustainable and enjoyable pursuit of virtuous fitness which prioritizes safety, consistency, education, peacefulness and serenity. We look to break away from antiquated fitness paradigms like “pain is weakness leaving the body,” and instead encourage our members to do what feels right. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” too often gets misinterpreted as “just be uncomfortable all the time,” completely neglecting the “get comfortable” part. It doesn’t have to suck, it doesn’t have to hurt, fitness shouldn’t be an abusive relationship. We accomplish this through specifically grooming our coaches to coach the people first and the body second, constantly working to improve experience because the more a person enjoys something the more likely they are to consistently do it. We have also shifted from conventional CrossFit programming, moving toward conjugate method work with an emphasis on strength and conditioning rather than high skill barbell and gymnastics biases. We still give plenty of space for competitive and high skill athletes to move up the continuum but we allow each person’s progression in competitive fitness to be an opt-in rather than an opt-out. Wherever you’re going in your fitness journey, you’re not getting there today. Slow down, be strategic, play the long game, and enjoy the process. We are calling all sloths to follow us down this road to happier, healthier relationships with our wellness and sense of self.

    What do people say about us?

    • SlothFit is the first gym I’ve been to where I really feel like I belong. I’ve been coming here regularly for almost 3 years, and I’ve never been shamed or judged for being a newbie. I never used to identify as athletic. I was turned off by the “bro culture” I witnessed around free weights. Before this, I’ve dabbled with high intensity training, but I didn’t find it engaging or fun. The staff at SlothFit are friendly, down to earth, and super helpful. No “bros” here, just men and women who are interested in helping you take your fitness to the next level.

      Gem Kosan
    • The staff here has helped me master double unders, muscle ups, and hand stand walks. These are movements that have eluded me for several years while going to other local gyms. Excellent training

      Will Reuter
    • Dropped in from out of town for the Saturday Community workout and it was great! The gym is so well equipped, coaches are knowledgeable and thorough, and the owner Billy was very welcoming and hospitable. Will definitely be back when we’re in the area. Wish this gym was in FW!

      Lauren Ennis Rand
    • I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2014 and I have had my fair share of different boxes.
      Woodward CrossFit hands down is one of my favorites since I move to texas.
      Being a member here is like joining a big family!
      Highly recommend this gym to be your new box!

      David Porras Angulo
    • My favorite place to be! Always a supportive environment and constantly encouraging to exceed your limits during every work out! Very welcoming to different levels of fitness and amazing coaches to help reach your goals. Glad to call this place my second home!

      Jessie Knotek
    • Best gym I’ve ever been to , dedicated and experienced coaches take the time to train correctly. Clean and updated facility with a welcoming atmosphere.

      Kayla Hebert
    • I’m a slothfit kinda girl…which I never knew until I joined this gym family. 🙂 I know one of the owners and was invited to attend a class on trial.

      The coach, Chris, that I work with is FREAKING AMAZING. He is also smart and super cool. Those are all truthful things. 🙂

      Here is the deal: I’m a little chunky and not a super gym girl. I’m learning how to modify the workout to feel good about my progression under the watchful eye of the coaches. They care deeply about the members of the gym. It’s a GREAT gym family and I honestly love being part of it. I am so glad that we gave it a shot. The classes are great, there is a lot of talent and you can push yourself at a higher level easily within a class or hang out doing some modifications like me and still feel like a badass.

      Grateful for the SlothFit fam. I’m sold….you guys gotta stay open forever now. 😛

      Jessica Allen




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