About The Gym


You’ll see it as soon as you walk into the building.  We care about everything we do.  This gym does not exist because we want to make money.  It exists because this building has been home to a community with a long history of helping people get physically and mentally strong, and we are not about to let that change.  

You’ll see the passion in our staff AND our members.  We don’t just facilitate classes. We COACH them. Our programming is tailored with our members in mind and never ‘cookie cutter’.  The workouts are designed to be modified (scaled up or down) based on your skills, fitness level, and how you feel on any given day.  We keep class sizes manageable so that you will always get the attention you deserve.  (No classes of 20 people with only 1 coach.  How can one coach manage high-quality instruction and keep that many people safe and motivated!? 🤦🏻‍♂️)  We often have a secondary/assistant coach on the floor to help with movements and questions, and we make sure that you leave every day feeling like you accomplished something.

We are here because we love what we do.  Are you satisfied with your current training?  Come spend a few classes with us and get in on the fun (and some hard work 😬). 


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