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Chris originally became involved in CrossFit (functional fitness) and personal training because of some pesky shoulder issues that were limiting his performance. After hiring a great personal trainer, he had great successes with training and self-rehab, made a bunch of friends, and acquired a number of skills that would be foundational in his recovery and strength training journey. The overall results were so significant and the journey so meaningful, that he felt compelled to share his experiences with others and follow a path that would empower people to FEEL BETTER. Chris left his (11 year) full-time career of software development to pursue a life of coaching and helping people feel and move better. He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer. Since Chris is a bit of a nerd and passionate about learning, he regularly adds new certifications to his repertoire, which keeps him up to date on new methodologies and helps him to stay as efficient and effective as possible.

Chris is passionate about helping people from all walks of life find greater mobility, range of motion, and less pain throughout movement and daily tasks. When you were young, you could hang from the monkey bars, jump on top of just about anything, and squat all the way to the ground. Why not now? The truth is, You still can! You just need someone to help direct you on how to get there. We all live busy lives, and most of us aren’t quite sure of the best ways to get our bodies moving at peak performance. If this sounds like you, click here.

Tell Chris how you feel, what hurts and what doesn’t, and let him guide you through a few assessments, and he will able to provide and implement personalized strength training and corrective movements which will help you get back to moving and feeling better. Chris uses a wide variety of movements, stretches, and mobility work that will help you regain that full, pain-free range of motion that may have once been taken for granted. He also specializes in traditional strength cycles with goals of hypertrophy (size, physique), strength, and stability.

Chris is certified and able to help you perfect your technique/skills in:

  • Olympic Lifting (Burgener Strength L1)
  • Gymnastics (TGC Functional Gymnastics Trainer)
  • Mobility (TRS Movement & Mobility Specialist)

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