Angelique Lacava

Coach Angelique grew up in a small town in New Jersey and lived there until she moved to Austin in June 2018. Angelique spent her younger years doing theater, singing in choir and musicals, and playing in school band. She spent most of her free time playing video games and didn’t find anything athletic she gravitated towards… until she moved to Austin!. Angelique became motivated to join CrossFit because of her sister. Her older sister did CrossFit from 2012, and had a daughter in March of 2018 which unfortunately came with life-threatening complications, where she almost lost her life three times. The doctor told her sister that if it weren’t for CrossFit and how strong she was, she may not have survived. Angelique found her motivation to join CrossFit in September 2018 from her sister and received her L1 in July 2021 to help others enjoy their CrossFit experience.
Angelique not only does CrossFit, but enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, and still spends free time playing video games or having long, useful conversations with her two Siamese cats Stormy & Sai.